Jessica and David: Married

Well… this post is LONG over due!!  Jess and Dave got married on August 22nd in the beautiful town of Stillwater, MN and it was fabulous!!!   The entire wedding party was so much fun and absolutely willing to do whatever I said (bonus!), despite the bright sunshine and a little sunburn as a result.  Jess and Dave chose to see each other before the ceremony, which I love as it allows more time for photos before and after the ceremony as well as a little bride/groom alone time before the craziness begins.   Thanks to their smart planning, we were able to venture out to some super fun places for photos, including an old schoolhouse and various awesome locations downtown Stillwater.

The best part?  After the ceremony, Jess and Dave hopped in a vintage Charger as their getaway car!  Man that car was cool!  I love old cars, as you’ll come to find out if you keep tabs on my blog, and my assistant is a huge Dodge fan, so we were uber jealous of their sweet ride.  We actually plotted to nab it at the reception in Bayport, but the owner kept a close eye the whole night….rightfully so.  :)

Dave and Jess, thank you for allowing us to photograph your wedding day; you are fantastic people and truly meant for each other. :)
I trust your first year will be phenomenal and only a sneak peak of many years to come!  Congratulations!Jess and Dave-DressJess and Dave-Dress Up

Jess and Dave - PreppingJess and Dave - first

Jess and Dave - kissJess and Dave-feet Jess and Dave-Dad

Jess and Dave-AisleJess and Dave-Ceremony

Jess and Dave-Kiss the bride

Jess and Dave-Rings

Jess and Dave- Girls Jess and Dave- BoysJess and Dave-School

Jess and Dave - ClassJess and Dave-Car kissJess and Dave-Just Married

Jess and Dave-Muscle PartyJess and Dave-Pinky Swear

Jess and Dave-JessJess and Dave-DaveJess and Dave-Stairs

Jess and Dave-WallJess and Dave-Legion

Jess and Dave- Cake

Jess and Dave-Dance

Jess and Dave-Ally

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