Sneak Peak: Robbie, Class of ’10

Robbie is a senior at Academy of Holy Angels, another hockey and soccer extraordinaire, and my cousin, Ryan’s, BFF.  (do boys have BFF’s?  Maybe they’re just buddies, pals, friends? I’ll ask and let you know.)

We did a high school senior shoot a few weeks ago and guess what?!?!  ROBBY BROUGHT HIS DOGS!!!!  I was sooooo excited to capture some photos of dogs other than my own – what a fun challenge!  I have a gagle of photos of my own pets, but it’s always interesting trying to get someone else’s dog to pay attention to my weird ‘pay attention to me’ noises….  I think they sat very pretty for their session, don’t you??  Oh, and Robbie did a fantastic job too – more on that later this week.  :)

Robby Senior Session - Acadamy of Holy Angels

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  1. Victoria says:

    They’re called brofriends.

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