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I’m back!  I meant to post an “out of the office” before I left, but was so busy I didn’t even have time to reply to all of my emails, much less add to my blog…  Regardless, I’m back!  I’ve been in China for two weeks for ‘my other job’, the one that pays the bills.  I hope to have some fun pics to share on that in a few days, but until then – check back in a few for Baby Nora’s over due post!  I should be able to return all emails in the next few days – so thanks in advance for your patience~  :)

As no post is complete without a photo, here’s a quick tribute to the end of summer (a bit overdue since we’re now in the deep depths of autumn, but oh well)  Taken around twilight at the Washington County Fair in Lake Elmo, MN – nothing says end of summer in MN more than the fair, so I figured it was appropriate…  sigh.

Washington County Fair - carnival photo - Lake Elmo, mn

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