Baby Austin: 4 months

Oh that Austin – he’s going to be a lady killer, that’s for sure!  Within minutes of arriving at his house, Austin gave me a huge happy baby smile and I just knew I was in for it…  How could you resist that face??! And, fortunately, even after Austin got sick of the big black box on my face, mom and dad had a few pretty cool tricks up their sleeves to keep him smiling!!  We had an unseasonably warm Autumn day for Austin’s session, which worked out perfectly as we were able to step outside for a few family and tummy time shots.  Mind you, Austin’s not really a tummy time kind of guy….  he’s more of a lounger, but throw a few colorful fallen leaves in front of him and wham – happy as a clam!  I just love when things work out that way… especially when the photos turn out to be so dang cute!Austin-Baby Photo Session-Headshot-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Sunkissed-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Smiles-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Fall Leaves-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Daddy-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Family-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Mommy-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-hungry-Twin Cities MnAustin-Baby Photo Session-Feet-Twin Cities Mn

Austin-Baby Photo Session-Diaper-Twin Cities Mn

okay…  I know this one isn’t totally in focus, but I just loved his expression sooo much, I HAD to post it!

Austin-Baby Photo Session-Vintage Blur- Twin Cities Mn

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  1. Melissa says:

    Absolutely stunning photos once again, my friend!

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