Patricia: Senior 2010

Patricia (Tricia, Trish, Patty, etc. to her friends, but I can’t get past Patricia, it just fits) is a senior at Phelps High School in Northern Wisconsin and she has the most crazy beautiful eyes I believe I’ve ever seen.  Not just your average brown, but almost a caramel/dark amber color, and holy man does she know how to use them!  Seriously, Patricia is a spitfire, and I swear she could see the depths of your soul with those eyes if you let her.  Maybe she should learn the art of hypnosis? Maybe she’s secretly a vegetarian vampire like the Cullens?  (yes, I’ve been sucked in by the recent Stephenie Meyer phenomenon… I can’t help myself… so, soo good!)

Anywho, besides the whole soul reading thing, Patty’s your typical high school senior living in a small town, connected to the outside world through Facebook and ready to explore the world.  She’s planning on going into the medical field after graduation – I couldn’t be more proud of her!  I’m excited to see where life leads my littlest sister-in-law, and I know for certain it’s going to be fantastic.  :)

Patricia High School Senior Session - HeadshotPatricia High School Senior Session - Tree shot

Patricia High School Senior Session - Vintage Milk CratePatricia High School Senior Session - Blue HeadshotPatricia High School Senior Session - WoodsPatricia High School Senior Session - Surly StarePatricia High School Senior Session - GoldenPatricia High School Senior Session - Vintage FieldPatricia High School Senior Session - Hoodie

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  1. Jenny says:

    Love Patricia’s pics! So adorable…
    Where were you when I needed my senior pictures??

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