Reflections… It’s the end of an era, after all.

I realized today on my drive home that not only does the end of this year mark the end of the first decade of the 21st century, but it also marks the end of the era called my 20′s.  WOW.  Holy!  Geez that flew by…  It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since I was in college  and the song, ‘We Like To Party’ by The Venga Boys was playing at every club in Cancun… :)  As a Tribute to my 20′s, below is a little reflection on where I’ve been – of course it’s the summarized version, didn’t want to bore you with the nitty gritty details…..

10 years ago this year:

I was a 19/20 year old waitress at a supper club in WI making 2.33/hr (+tips) while studying Fashion Design and Art in college with every intention to move to Cali and become the next Oscar winning costume Designer.  I was single, fit (though of course I didn’t think so), naturally blonde, living with 5 fabulous girls (who all loved to shop as much as I did) in an old house with pink wallpaper and bad plumbing, and was 6 months away from meeting the man I was going to marry.  I partied like it was 1999 (cuz it was), drank bad beer in dirty college house basements, went to Mexico for Spring Break, watched Friends on TV every Thursday and listened to music like The Dave Matthews Band, The Venga Boys, Dido, Moby, The Dixie Chicks, 3 Doors Down, Ani DiFranco, Len…
I spent New Years Eve at a house party in a converted Church, and waited for the ball to drop in NYC to make sure the end of the world wasn’t minutes away with Y2K.

7 years ago this year:

I was a 22/23 year old waitress at a semi-upscale restaurant/bar in MN making 6.00/hr (+tips) – serious upgrade.  I had a college degree under my belt,  was living with my parents and slowly realizing that a degree doesn’t instantly equal a dream job in Cali.  I was super duper skinny and loving it (even IF it was as a result of jaw surgery and not being able to eat for a month), a highlighted salon-blonde and I traveled most weekends to see my BF and BFF’s back at college.  I had reacquainted myself with the perks of Minneapolis life, drank ‘sophisticated’ dark beer in ‘sophisticated’ bar establishments, was still watching Friends on TV and my musical taste was morphing to the beats of Norah Jones,  Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Dirty Vegas, Queens of the Stone Age, The Donnas, Pearl Jam, AudioSlave…
I spent NYE in WI at the bar my boyfriend managed, sick as a dog, but determined to make it passed midnight.  Soooo not recommended.

5 years ago this year:

I was a 25 year old career girl, working for the man at my first ‘real job’ and shopping weekly at Byerly’s to prove I made it big time.  I had just moved into the Product Design and Development department, finally a little closer to something that pertained to my hard-earned degree.  I had just begun to vaguely understand the effects desk jobs and eating out every day have on on a person’s midsection and became a highlighted box-blonde due to living with my BF and 2 cats in an overpriced 1 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I was enjoying the perks of career life – appreciating good beer and wine and martinis while attending ‘Happy Hour’ and traveling for work and for fun!   I couldn’t stop watching The OC and Las Vegas on TV, and listened to and went to see music acts like Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, The Killers, Damien Rice, Outkast, Franz Ferdinand, Black Eyed Peas…
We had every intention to hit the town in Minneapolis on NYE – went out for a ‘fancy’ dinner at Red Lobster, got slapped with a 2 hour wait, decided waiting was lame and ended up driving to WI anyhow… such is life.

2 years ago this year:

I was a 27/28 year old career girl, still working for the man, but with a few promotions under my belt and well on my way to paying off all my accumulated credit card debt from college (I made 2.33/hour, was a FASHION major for gosh sakes…!) and expensive grocery stores (they had carpet, pretty music, and fancy cheese).  My boyfriend and I “finally” got engaged and spent most of the year planning a total DIY/budget wedding to include only 250 of our closest friends and family.   I upgraded to highlighted salon-blonde (for the wedding of course), and began to finally understand that EXERCISE is the answer!!  (who knew?)  We were in our first year of our very first home – vintage, with ‘character’, and started to find out what that actually entails.  Two years ago we began to understand that being homeowners, planning a wedding, and paying off college debt meant Happy Hour and weekend nights were spent enjoying beer and wine and dinner in the comfort of our own home while watching Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy and listening to the likes of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Death Cab For Cutie, Patty Griffin, G. Love, The Fratellis, Iron and Wine, Atmosphere, M.I.A, The Cure, Wolfmother….  man I love The Current!
I had the flu NYE two years ago, we had friends over to our place for our first at home NYE party, and I got the stinkin’ flu.

And this year:

I turned 30… augghh!  I know, I know, it’s not that old, but it truly takes some time to get used to.  Maybe by the time I’m 31, omigod… I’m almost 31… holy.
I took the leap in starting my little photo business; have been pleased as punch with my first year and can’t wait to see where it takes me next year.  The hubs and I have begun to take advantage of the perks years of working for the man can bring – VACATION!!   I’m back to my roots, sort of…  I chopped and donated my golden locks and have since been a box-auburn-ish gal – a far cry from the Cali blonde highlights – but that’ll do me just fine.  For now.  I turned off the TV and began reading again (Some may say I have an unhealthy addiction to vampires, but I say they’re just jealous…)  and have been listening to the likes of Jack Johnson, Aesop Rock, The XX, Florence and the Machine, MGMT, Muse, The Black Keys,  Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dawes, Vampire Weekend, Shiny Toy Guns, The Flaming Lips, Alexi Murdoch… and oh man do I highly recommend each and every one.
This NYE…???

It’s been an amazing ride and I’m ecstatic to see where the next 10 take me.
I can only hope that this site, or something similar will still be around for me to reflect again before we close out on 2019.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Evy Snyder says:

    I am excited to see where the next 10 years takes you too!
    Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures ~

  2. Kristin says:

    Love your blog about the last decade Amb!

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