Baby Jonah: Newborn:

Have I told you how much I LOVE babies??? Newborns are so precious – so tiny and content and perfect!!  Now that my little man is 6 months (pics to come soon!!), it’ hard for me to imagine him this little…what with the seconds away from crawling and all…!  Every stage is amazing, but I just love to capture newborns as newborns for just that reason, they grow so fast – before you know it, they’re asking for the keys to the car.

Baby Jonah is Austin’s new little brother, remember Austin, with that ca-ute hooded sweater his grandmother made?  Well, he’s no tiny baby any more, and couldn’t be a better big bro.  Austin was so adorable with little baby Jonah, helping mom burp Jonah and sneaking hugs and kisses!  That’s Love!!!

I couldn’t resist posting the picture below – pretty sure he’s thinking, “listen lady, put that camera down and get me some clothes!  I’m waiting…..”

ahhh baby details….

My little guy, Harper, was nice enough to lend Jonah his elf hat for this session – and I’m pretty sure Jonah rocked it!  I can’t resist an elf hat on babies, especially when the hat’s longer than the baby himself!

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  1. Carla says:

    SO cute! Oh, and I really like that crate too :)

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