Bright lights in the dark sky during Hudson, WI’s Booster Days makes this twisty ferris wheel look extra scary, doesn’t it!?!?!  The colors and mood of the photo definitely match the screams that were coming from the car cages!!  Still – a really fun carnival over all…  though we didn’t ride the rides (have you SEEN the photo below, are you crazy?!?!) we did play a few mean games of bingo.  I truly think small town festivals are the one of the most fun summer things around.  If you haven’t been to one yet, what are you waiting for!?!?!?

Booster Days Ferris Wheel Hudson, WI

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SAS=random shots of awesome things to keep me shooting and having fun… and fun for me means more photos for you!!!

1st up?  Nothing says summer in the Midwest like a basket of cherries from the Sweet Corn stand down the street.  And dang were they good (as was the corn!)  The minute I got this fandangled basket o cherry goodness home I grabbed my camera and snapped away.  I LOVE Love LoVe taking pictures of food!

The mix of the red cherries and the blue-ish basket sitting against a white background give the whole image a patriotic feel.  Afterall, what’s a great Independance Day without cherry pie?!?


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