The gals at 2709 continue to get some awesome press on their recent line of bicycle friendly clothing, which means my photos from our fashion shoot a few months ago get more exposure too! It’s a win-win situation that makes me jump for joy every time I think about it.  Giddy, I tell you!!!  Metro Magazine, based in the Twin Cities, did a story on 2709 Designs and used my photo as the main photo on their homepage ‘Daily Filter’ as well as some others within the story itself – Awesome, right!?

I’m so happy for Bonnie and Becca and their continued success.  They’ve developed some amazing stuff – if you haven’t seen it, take Metro Mag‘s advice and head on over to Design Collective to check it out!  Oh, and click the picture below for a direct link to the story itself…  :)

Metro Magazine - 2709 Designs - Amber Engfer Photography

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I did a fashion photo shoot last weekend for two of my favorite co-workers, Bonnie and Becca, who just so happen to be the brains behind 2709 Designs.  Their debut clothing line, set to launch during MNFashion Week as the opening act at Voltage: Fashion Amplified, is geared (pun intended) towards the hip, happening, eco-minded bicycle chicks of the world – because, really, who says you can’t bike to work, school, dinner and still look fab-u-lous!

Last Saturday Bonnie, Becca, three of their super awesome models from the upcoming runway show, and I ventured down to Hidden Beach in Minneapolis, with arm loads of clothing, props and a tent to boot. (models tend to be a bit modest when half naked in a public park)  It was cold and a bit windy, but the girls worked it and I didn’t have to bring a wind machine!!  By far the best models and designers I’ve ever worked with…  :)

If you have a some free time on Friday night, say 9pm ish, stop by 1st Ave and check out Voltage!  It’s going to be amazing, but then again, would you expect anything less from Minnesota?

Thanks 2709 for the opportunity to shoot your new line!!!  ps… I love it!

2709 Designs Scarf








2709 Designs Jumper





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Hello!!!  Well, here it is – welcome to my new blog-site!  It’s a blog, it’s a website, it’s just like me, jack of all trades…  :)  I should have galleries up by the end of the week, but couldn’t wait to share a quick sneak peak of my latest shoot for 2709 Designs.

More to come, and I can’t wait!


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