How to Plan a Wedding at the Last Minute

While some weddings can be years in the making, with months to plan and arrange everything. But some couples don’t want to wait or have a good reason to get married in a shorter time frame, so may be planning a last-minute matrimony. Luckily, it is possible to plan a wedding at the last minute by simply following the tips below.

Book a venue that can do it all

When you’ve got a short time frame for planning, it’s best not to attempt a DIY wedding or choose a blank canvas venue. Rather, you should look for wedding venues in Sydney that can take care of most of the arrangements. From catering to furniture hire, an all-inclusive venue will sort out all those little chores, so you can just focus on small details such as decorations and clothing.

Make a to-do list

There are a number of things you should put on your to-do list to make sure it’s all done on time:

  • Buying clothing
  • Sorting out the paperwork and officiant
  • Hiring a wedding car
  • Getting invites out
  • Finalising numbers

Once you’ve got a to-do list, it’s much clearer which things need to be prioritised, so you can start working on your wedding immediately.

Invite people personally

When you’re planning a wedding in a year or so, you can send out your invites and give guests a few months to reply. You don’t have that option with a last-minute wedding. Consider calling or using social media to invite people and give them a short window to RSVP. This will ensure you get your numbers finalised in time.

Choose off the rack clothes

Most bridal gowns need to be ordered months in advance, and if not, you’re in for a hefty rush fee to get them ordered and fitted in time. If you’re cutting things fine, consider looking at off the rack dresses and suits. Most high street shops now have a bridal clothing line and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful these outfits can be at a low price.

Weddings take a lot of planning and organising, but there are advantages to a last-minute shindig. While it can be harder to plan, you have less time to stress and can simply make decisions without second guessing yourself. However, you’re likely to need some extra help such as a planner, or a coordinator at your wedding venue, to ensure things run smoothly and you get things sorted in time.

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