Your wedding is one of the most cherished events in your life. Therefore, it goes without saying that you want to capture each moment beautifully. And it is possible to catch those lovely moments in photographs.

Unlike the work of other wedding vendors for flower arrangements, music, cake and food etc., photographs are not those things which you can taste, smell, see and hear before the actual event. You never know what you will be getting after the event. It clearly means that you have to be extra careful with your research and selection in terms of artistic style, professional skills and personal demeanor, when choosing your wedding photographer.

Follow these steps to choose your wedding photographer:

  • Style you prefer

Before you even start researching photographers, you have to decide what kind of photography style you like or prefer. This will really help you to determine the type of photographer you want to cover your wedding.

You can even collect a few sample photographs which you might have come across on a fashion blogger’s Instagram feed. If there is some special style that you admire, look for photographers who can offer it or specialize in that style.

  • Do your homework well

Start your search for a reputed photographer a little early. You can take reviews from newlyweds or others that have used the services of the shortlisted photographers.

To have an idea about a particular photographer’s style, carefully review his/her blogs and websites to check out various photos of other weddings he/she has covered. Seeing the design of their website, you will have a clue about the photographer’s sensibility and personality. You can even checkout their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Check for positive feedbacks and the way the photographer respond.

  • Fix up an interview

This is not something that you can take a chance and decide on looks alone. You should meet your selected photographer in person. If you like what you see on their website and their fee is also within your budget – call to find out if they are available on your wedding date. If ‘yes’, then send an introductory email, mentioning a little about you and your would-be spouse. You can even write about your vision of the day as well as attach a few of your favorite photos that you had researched, so that they know what you like.

If possible, try meeting 3 to 4 potential photographers and assess whether your personalities meet. Go prepared to talk about topics like – venue, your favorite style and what you envision for your photos.

  • Prep together for the final day

Remember that your chosen photographer is a pro, so give them a little liberty to show their best performance. You just have to mention little about your image likings and let them do their task. You can even tell them a little about your main family members, friends or relatives, so that you can have more photos of them in your wedding album.

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